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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Induction Day 10

Here we go for the 10th day of Induction.

Breakfast @ 8.40 am - Salad Tuna

Lunch @ 12.40 pm - Grilled dory fish + Sayur campur (Brokoli+cendawan+sayur daun hijau)

Dinner @ 8.30 pm - Tom Yam Ayam (Kuah Putih) + Telur dadar 1 biji

Workout - Berjalan atas treadmill selama 15 mins ( 1km) + 2 set Abs crunch (10 x setiap set).

Hari ni Cik Shu boleh nak aktif exercise sebab sakit belakang. Mungkin sebab semalam Cik Shu tak guna exercise mat masa buat aktiviti stretching.

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