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Friday, May 14, 2010

Induction Day 17

Breakfast @ 8.45 am - Steamed Brokoli & Califlower + 1 keping Cheese + Patty daging (100% pure beef)

Dinner - Sup Ayam

Workout - Cross Trainer (15 mins) + Stretch and weigh exercise (15 mins).

Hmmm... lepas ni Cik Shu tak banyak update pasal diari diet sebab ape yang Cik Shu makan lebih kurang sama je hari2. Tapi kalau ada special menu, cik shu akan share denga u all k. Maybe lepas ni Cik Shu akan update pasal wedding preparation.

1 comment:

  1. x sbr menanti cik shue update the wedding preparation....

    P/s : suke tgk persiapan org kawin..tp kte asyik x buat je..hehehe