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Friday, July 1, 2016

Once it hit me, now I know the importance of Watermark

All these while, I never cared to put watermark on all personal photos published in this blog. Looking back at the photos published during the earlier age of this blog, all are plain. Why? Never cross in my mind that any party would use my photo for their personal interest.

But when recently I found out there is an FB page which uses my picture for their business marketing without my permission and furthermore their business promotion is completely opposite to what being present in the picture, it's really make me piss-off. 

In fact this matter was been informed by friend who was seeking for confirmation as the below post prompted in his FB news feed. OMG! that's my marriage certificate card!! how it can be published in unrecognized FB page? 

I quickly search out for that FB page: JOM NIKAH to check on what have been written on that particular post which attaching my marriage card. Shocking! It's really surprised me and disappointed with what have been mentioned in the post. 

My marriage card which I applied it myself from JAIS
As you may read the snapshot above from the original post, personally my husband and I feel embarrassed by the irresponsible FB owner who claimed us like so called his "customer"who successfully get married arranged by him using "jalan belakang" a.k.a "kahwin kat Siam" which this is totally untrue. And what so disgusting was that it was posted in the the Holy month of Ramadhan as the time i saw it just posted few days away.

It was not only this picture, I keep scrolling down the page and found one more photo of mine being used in which that picture shown we were holding our temporary marriage cert issued by JAIS at where this ceremony was held in the JAIS office itself.

Only us know how difficult we were and the troublesome we have gone through in order to ensure we get married using the right channel and right procedure with the bless of our both families. You know for a local to get married with foreigner, it was not easy and we have taken a very long steps to get this done and most importantly we did it correctly. It's indifferent from the local couple procedure, where my foreigner husband was required to get few approvals such as his family written permission, approvals from his respective government body, immigration and few others more. 

What if for those who never knew our story bump into this post and believe that we have used his service to get married? It's sad to know when people simply thought that we took a short cut for this marriage just to promote his business. I can't imagine that, fortunately my friend ask me for clarification so that I can get this issue solve immediately.

So, to overcome this issue, I sent a personal message to the FB admin, and gave him 24 hours to delete my photos or otherwise I might pursue a report of this matter to respective government body or maybe viral it. From time to time I was checking that page to ensure he has delete my photos. After the 1st few hours I sent the message, I've noticed that he had read my message but no respond from him and no action taken yet. Then, i sent another reminder to delete my pictures. The following morning, i checked that my photos finally  were cleared. What I've regretted was, the FB admin never respond to my message to drop one or two words to ask for forgiveness which for me he needs to do that. Never mind, let him find me in the field of justice.

Lesson learnt, I'm going to put watermark on my personal photos moving forward and place Disclaimer at top of this blog.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Saqlain & Boboiboy the movie

This is about Saqlain, my bubbly son.
During the school holiday, he went to cinema to watch Boboiboy the movie. The 1st time ever for the night show.
He was soooo excited at 1st for the movie as he keep asking many many times even before the movie released in the cinema.
Look at the picture how exciting he was. However, during the show, he never show any reaction towards the movie, neither funny nor happy. It just totally flat.
Then after the show ended, on way back home, Baba asked his respond on the movie of why he never laugh while the other kids had so much laugh during the show. Doesn't he like the movie.
He replied, "I don't understand".
We were like "Erkkkk???" I wonder all these while he watched the series in YouTube and keep repeating the same series million times.
He added, "I don't understand the language".
Ok, now we understood.
This will be the 1st and the last we go for Malay based cartoon movie.
Still it was not a wasted as we had a good family time and enjoyed the delicious popcorn *wink*

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weekend Activity: Taman Botanic Negara Shah Alam @ Bukit Cerakah

Sun, 13 September 2015 @ Bukit Cerakah

Refer to the above date, please note that this is a throwback story and let's start with some intro. This activity was happened last few weeks ago which the haze that time still considered mild in Shah Alam. The idea of coming to this place came out when my mom watching Wanita Hari Ini TV3, showing that they have refurbished this place and it looks good to go bring my kids along for exploration. Just for your information Bukit Cerakah or Taman Cahaya Sri Alam currently is known as Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam but whatever re-named they cameout, I still prefer to call it Bukit Cerakah just like i used to be. Since my SIL keeps complaining that she doesn't know where to go every time the weekend come, so I set with her and Nurul, to come here for cycling and. Not to forget to bring some snacks each of us.

Old time stories
Actually during my childhood, mak pernah bawak jenjalan kat Bukit Cerakah ni. Time tu memang popular kot tempat ni. Dulu2 bukan macam sekarang, berlambak shopping malls, theme parks, pilih aja mana yang suka. So, dapat jalan2 kat sini kira dah best dah, rata gak kitaorg jalan2, yang paling tak lupa, kitaorg ada lawat jelapang padi. Tu je pun yang ingatnye, lain2 dah hilang ingatan.

Second visit masa join camping anjuran sekolah menengah, 3 hari 2 malam. So, activity sekolah tak de la jalan2 dalam tu. Nama pun kem motivasi, ikut je la activity yang telah dijadualkan.

Then, Dulu masa belajar degree menyewa kat seksyan 8, tak pernah berkesempatan pun nak masuk. Kalau ada pun takat lalu2 je. Tak pun, lepak bersendirian kat jejantas sebelum masuk bukit cerakah melayan frust putus Cinta...ngeh..ngeh..ngeh.. without fail, bila lalu kat jejantas tu, terus flash back... 

Parking & Entrance fee
I don't want to brief about this place, please google yourself, what I can say this Botanical garden is quite huge and as what my sis has said who is the 1st timer visiting here  she never knew and imagine there is a such a big jungle in Shah Alam. OK, whatever.

First of all, memang set nak datang awal2 pagi, sebab hasil goggle cakap, kene queue panjang to rent the bycicle. Lagipun tak mo la tengah hari sangat, Panasssss.... pagi2 baru best cycling. Yes, we arrived as per schedule, around 8.30 am, entering the parking entrance, bayar parking. Parking penuh okay on that weekend, ada event larian kat dalam tu. So mana yang nampak kosong terus park which is quite far from main entrance. Saqlain sangat seronok, sebab this time dia dapat berbasikal dengan bebasnya, yes he brought his own bicycle. On the way to main entrance, nampak parking kosong, we stopped and stood up on the lot on purpose to book the parking lot while Mr. hubby returned back to our car and re-park at where we stood. Dekat kot, balik nanti tak yah jalan jauh2, confirm penat balik nanti.

Nurul and SIL's belum sampai lagi, but I proceed to enter first sebab cepat2 nak dapatkan basikal. Tiket masuk RM3 per person dewasa. Rumah 4 musim was closed due to work in progress for season change from summer to Autumn, kind of frustrated though.

Basikal & insiden Mak jatuh basikal
FYI, entrance fee & bicycle fee need to pay separately. As you entered the park, you may see the bus stand and the bicycle canopy just located opposite to the bus stand. Since the other group has not reach yet, i booked for all of us just to save the time. Luckily the queue was not that long yet. Sewa basikal RM10 for the 1st hour dan tambahan RM1 untuk setiap jam seterusnye. Untuk mereka yang bawa anak kecil, basikal yg attached with baby seat juga disediakan dengan kadar sewa RM12.

Masa tengah2 queue, mak sibuk pilih basikal dan cuba mengikut kesesuaian Mak. Tengah2 cuba tu, mak terjatuh. Macam mana keadaannye masa tu, i had no idea coz i wasn't near to her. Got to know from a man who informed me that Mak was felt off from the bicycle and I immediately come to her. Her injury was quite bad, luckily ada pesan mak suruh bawak minyak gamat, just in case. So now it happened, sapu minyak gamat kat lukanya. Then brought her to the hut nearby. 

Seriously, this time i didn't know how to react with this situation, whether should move on or just go back. If we were alone, probably we will just go back. Tapi mak cakap she's fine and asked us to go while she will stay sitting there. I wasn't feel good anymore, feel bad, I should stop her from the start. Mak memang biasa berbasikal, so mak sangkakan dia mampu untuk berbasikal di Bukit Cerakah. Rupanya, sangkaan mak meleset sama sekali, semua basikal yang disediakan tidak sesuai langsung untuk orang2 seperti emak tambahan pula dengan keadaan lokasi tersebut yang berbukit, i don't think she's afford to ride it.

Kami Berbasikal
So proceed with cycling. Shu nak advice, before start cycling please look at the map before you regret macam Shu. Shu tak cukup buat research, tau ada banyak checkpoint kat sini. Tapi kalut sangat, so main jalan je. Refer kat map bawah ni, from starting point ada 2 jalan, kiri (laluan B) dan kanan (laluan). Actually, laluan A yang bayak point of attraction, nak sangat bawak the kiddos to taman Haiwan, rupenye taman haiwan kat while kitaorang ikut laluan B yang tak berape banyak point of attraction. Sigh!!!
Tengok daripada 

Source: TBNSA website

Laluan B sangat berliku-liku, berbukit2 dan jauh sangat nak sampai ke point of attraction. Frankly speaking, most of the time, shu lagi banyak berjalan daripada berbasikal. Asalkan naik bukit je, turun dari basikal dan jalan. Bila turun bukit, get ready dengan basikal dan turunnnnn. The best part memang time turun bukit la. Yuhuuuu.... syok giler... Saqlain, kasi Mr. Hubby handle, lets Mama enjoy the moments. Yippie!!!

On the way, jumpa satu pondok, we had our breakfast here with the snacks we brought from home
Sampai kat sini, my SIL and brother tak sanggup nak terus berbasikal, diaorang berpatah balik, nak naik tram katenye. Yup, tram disediakan for free, bertabah je nak beratur. Ok jugak diaorg patah balik, dapat gak temankan mak dan bawak mak naik tram.

Syok tau jadi Ajwa, duduk je dalam baby seat tu, Mama penat mengayuh

Puncak yang paling tinggi kat Taman kaktus, yes 
Saqlain memanjat almost semua bukit batu kat Taman Kaktus ni, running from one another. He really had so much fun

Lepas puas kat Taman Kaktus, rasa penat sesangat, tak rasa  nak teruskan lagi perjalanan, then we decided to patah balik. Tapi nak patah balik pun jauh jugakkkk... hadap je la. The first half day kitaorang habiskan masa untuk menyelusuri Laluan B. Supposedly, another 2nd half of the day needed to explore Laluan A. Unfortunately, Mr. Hubby kene pergi kedai. Since dah promise sampai tengah hari je, lepas pulang balik basikal, lepak kat warung berdekatan lepaskan dahaga, pastu chow!



Warghhhh... nak nanges nengok angka atas ni. Cukup2 la tu, tak yah la nak menternak lemak dan menambah KGs lagi. nanti susah plak nak turun. Dengan tabahnye, nak tak nak kene diet gak. Diet Atkin Joms :(

Cerite atas tu sebelum makan. Tadi pagi breakfast, Mr. Hubby siap buat Tea untuk 2 cups dan ada leftover mee mak bersahur tadi. Tu kalau dibiarkan, memang tak de sape la yang makan, dan akhirnye terbiar begitu saje. Jadinye Ngappppp.... adeh... cabaran betul nak re-induction. Moga Shu mampu mengharungi utk baki hari seterusnye. Minum air banyak2.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Come back :)

Rindu giler okay nak conteng2 kat blog ni. Tak tau nak cakap mcm mana setelah berbulan2 tak meninggalkan jejak kat sini, kalau mengandung pun dah bole keluar lagi sorang gamaknye. Hihihihihi...

Baru bulan ni rasa kelapangan sikit, boleh tarik nafas lega sikit setelah mengharungi 4 bulan yang super2 busy beez beez beez. Sesungguhnye terasa rugi2 sangat tak dapat nak share sepatah habuk kat dalam blog yang dianaktirikan ni, tambah pulak otak mak2 yang mudah sangat pelupanya, istilah #throwback tu macam payah je, tapi akan cuba la mana yang boleh.

Actually, waktu tengah menaip pukul 2.45 pagi. Serius tak tau kenape mata ni tak mo tido. Pikir punya pikir setelah menelan 2 keping roti bersapukan susu pekat dan milo... nyums nyums.. (tu sebab badan tak mo kurus) dan otak mula berfungsi, terus nak buka blog & nak update sesuatu. Tapi... nak update ape eh? 

Okay, kalau korang bacala, last entry pasal Shu resign kan... Memang jadik resign, elok je bulan Nov 2014 selamat meninggalkan company tu, then join company baru. Tapi.... bulan Feb 2015 Shu join balik... huahuahuahuahaaa.....

Ape issue dengan company yg telah Shu tinggalkan tu? Actually, rasa bersalah gak nak resign, sebab tau manager yang hire tu betul2 kasi peluang Shu belajar benda yang memang selama ni Shu cari dan kejarkan. Memang semuanya depan mata la, tinggal nak tak nak je. Tapi seriously hati ni macam tak de kat situ. Baru masuk keje, tapi Aura nak bekerja tu tak de. Actually, since 1st day, dah rasa out, lepas tu terbawak2 hingga ke hari seterusnya. On 1st day lagi, dah rasa clueless, lagi sadis masa 1st day tu, tak de sapa ajak lunch. Shu like what??? dah 3 kali Shu tukar keje since start keje tahun 2008, ni kali pertama lunch tak de orang ajak. Ha... mesti korang cakap... eleh... tu pun nak sedih, tak independent, cakap je la ape2 pun tapi ni 1st time kot rasa situasi macam ni. Shu pulak jenis tak suka makan sorang kat open place. Sebab bajet, confirm team at least, akan ajak makan2. Rupenye nan hado. kalau tau... siap2 bawak bekal. Disebakan peristiwa hari pertama tu, maka hari2 seterusnye... memang bawak bekal la. dan ada few reasons lagi la nape Shu nak chow. Sambil2 usha2 cari keje lain, tup tup manager company sebelum tu contact tanye khabar dah offer masuk balik, ape lagi, bagai pucuk di cita ulam mendatang la. Pendekkan cerita, masuk la balik company yang Shu keje sekarang ni, tapi bertaraf contract la, tu je opening yang ada. Tak pe la, doa2 ada rezeki untuk diserap semula. Masuk2 memang hazab la, involve dengan project untuk company split ni, 2 projects concurrent plak tu. But Shu happy je, willing je nak buat. for the past 4 months, memang life Shu upside down la. Mujur la ada support daripada insan2 yang ku cinta. Alhamdulillah...

Tu la Alkisahnya... So dalam minggu ni, kat opis team kitaorg buat potluck. Penganjur tak perasan, raya dah habis sebenarnya, ah... bantai je... yang penting makan. Photos kat bawah ni, boleh dikatakan, sebahagian besar team Shu sekarang, tapi lepas split nanti berpecah dua la kitaorang, ni pun sebahagiannye ada yang dah ke KL.

PS team Cyberjaya on Potluck day
The trio, gang gossip kat opis, tak pakat pun nak sama tema


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