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Friday, July 1, 2016

Once it hit me, now I know the importance of Watermark

All these while, I never cared to put watermark on all personal photos published in this blog. Looking back at the photos published during the earlier age of this blog, all are plain. Why? Never cross in my mind that any party would use my photo for their personal interest.

But when recently I found out there is an FB page which uses my picture for their business marketing without my permission and furthermore their business promotion is completely opposite to what being present in the picture, it's really make me piss-off. 

In fact this matter was been informed by friend who was seeking for confirmation as the below post prompted in his FB news feed. OMG! that's my marriage certificate card!! how it can be published in unrecognized FB page? 

I quickly search out for that FB page: JOM NIKAH to check on what have been written on that particular post which attaching my marriage card. Shocking! It's really surprised me and disappointed with what have been mentioned in the post. 

My marriage card which I applied it myself from JAIS
As you may read the snapshot above from the original post, personally my husband and I feel embarrassed by the irresponsible FB owner who claimed us like so called his "customer"who successfully get married arranged by him using "jalan belakang" a.k.a "kahwin kat Siam" which this is totally untrue. And what so disgusting was that it was posted in the the Holy month of Ramadhan as the time i saw it just posted few days away.

It was not only this picture, I keep scrolling down the page and found one more photo of mine being used in which that picture shown we were holding our temporary marriage cert issued by JAIS at where this ceremony was held in the JAIS office itself.

Only us know how difficult we were and the troublesome we have gone through in order to ensure we get married using the right channel and right procedure with the bless of our both families. You know for a local to get married with foreigner, it was not easy and we have taken a very long steps to get this done and most importantly we did it correctly. It's indifferent from the local couple procedure, where my foreigner husband was required to get few approvals such as his family written permission, approvals from his respective government body, immigration and few others more. 

What if for those who never knew our story bump into this post and believe that we have used his service to get married? It's sad to know when people simply thought that we took a short cut for this marriage just to promote his business. I can't imagine that, fortunately my friend ask me for clarification so that I can get this issue solve immediately.

So, to overcome this issue, I sent a personal message to the FB admin, and gave him 24 hours to delete my photos or otherwise I might pursue a report of this matter to respective government body or maybe viral it. From time to time I was checking that page to ensure he has delete my photos. After the 1st few hours I sent the message, I've noticed that he had read my message but no respond from him and no action taken yet. Then, i sent another reminder to delete my pictures. The following morning, i checked that my photos finally  were cleared. What I've regretted was, the FB admin never respond to my message to drop one or two words to ask for forgiveness which for me he needs to do that. Never mind, let him find me in the field of justice.

Lesson learnt, I'm going to put watermark on my personal photos moving forward and place Disclaimer at top of this blog.