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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Saqlain & Boboiboy the movie

This is about Saqlain, my bubbly son.
During the school holiday, he went to cinema to watch Boboiboy the movie. The 1st time ever for the night show.
He was soooo excited at 1st for the movie as he keep asking many many times even before the movie released in the cinema.
Look at the picture how exciting he was. However, during the show, he never show any reaction towards the movie, neither funny nor happy. It just totally flat.
Then after the show ended, on way back home, Baba asked his respond on the movie of why he never laugh while the other kids had so much laugh during the show. Doesn't he like the movie.
He replied, "I don't understand".
We were like "Erkkkk???" I wonder all these while he watched the series in YouTube and keep repeating the same series million times.
He added, "I don't understand the language".
Ok, now we understood.
This will be the 1st and the last we go for Malay based cartoon movie.
Still it was not a wasted as we had a good family time and enjoyed the delicious popcorn *wink*

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