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Monday, November 21, 2011

I can eat already

Entry a voice with no sound by Saqlain.

Well, I am already 6 months old. I've been waiting this time for so long. I guess, other babies are also have the same feeling right? What is that?
Yeah, more food for me.
When mama put me in my high chair, i know it's time to eat. 
Mama said I have to sit in one place while eating.
I'm a good boy anyway. hihihi
Hurry up mama, i'm hungryyyyyy...

Mama is putting the food inside my mouth

Yummy!!!! I'm eating porridge mixed with carrot. I like it so much.
I already tasted various types of food such as sweet potato, banana, pumpkin, rice, carrot and potato.
All these food were delicious, But you know, i don't like potato. 

I will act like this when the food in my mouth is finish.
Meaning, mama, please put in some more...

Why we are babies have to wear the bib while eating?
Owh! pleaseeee.... i don't like it. I want to take off this thing from  me.

Baba, please remove this bib from me.

Oh! no. Why no one listen to me? huhuhuhuhu...

End of my story. 
Tata.... see u again.


  1. rindunya kat saqlain.. cepat betol dah besar ye.. suka suka.. bilalaa anak ain nak besar gak. hehehe

  2. geramnya tgk baby saqlain ni..cute tembam..hehe..

  3. Kemn: Thank you from handsome boy ;)

    Ain: Betul ain, masa berlalu cepat. ni su tengah menikmati detik2 saqlain yg masih baby.

    Mia: Owh, aunty mia, mari jumpa dan cubit pipi saya.

  4. hahaha.gila comey ar saqlain bcakap.pandai mamanye karang skrip ek....

  5. weeee semangt bdan saqlain...baju same ngn aqeef la...

  6. alololo.tembam nyer muka...bolatnyer mata..!!! eeee..gerammm...;)

  7. ahahahah... gerammmmmssssssss.... rasanya sume baby tak ske bib kut... armand hate it as well.. but only sibuk nak cabut bila dia dah kenyang... mummy, sila buang bib, saya nak gi 'ronda ronda' dah.. :)

  8. Leo, baby2 ni rimaskan ada bende tergantung kat leher mereka. Kita mak2 ni tak nak diaorg comot.