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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Garrett Popcorn!!! How was it?

Walau dah lama popcorn ni mendarat kat Malaysia. Baru semalam Shu berpeluang beli sendiri utk makan puas2. Sebelum ni takat rasa2 je. Semalam we olss spent a day in KLCC. 2-3 kali gak ulang alik kat garrett popcorn shop ni, sokmo je ada queue.

Shu beli 2 flavour Small pack each. Tapi pelik eh, both come in different sizes of packaging. CaramelCrisp tu dah la lagi mahal, tapi the bag lagi kecil compare to the other one.

Shu dah pernah rasa flavour caramel... memang rangup dan sedap. So memang target nak beli caramel crisp macademia. This is going to be all time favourite. Since shu is a cheese lover, then shu beli popcorn cheese tanpa cuba rasa terlebih dahulu. Konon ingat, kalau cheese mesti sedap macam cheeseTart kot. Rupenye NON hado. Tak sedap... and it's betul2 original cheese taste. Look at the photo, the bottom is the cheese popcorn, it's very the yellowish. Saqlain and Mr. Hubby ate it once then put back. Definitely it's tasteless, not sweet at all while i was expecting it to be sweet with salty taste. Hmmmmm...

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